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Russo Writes 1st RAW Tonight, Plus Sale of Champions!

Looking forward to booking my first RAW tonight in the last FIFTEEN YEARS! I’ll miss having “Fast” Eddie Ferrara by my side, but fortunately SOME of us have grown up. The #DearVince Project is certainly turning some heads, so I’m excited to do my part in offering creative advice and suggestions that WWE can use. After taking a long, […]

Russo Rantz!

Russo on Twitta!


Russo Books RAW – September 22, 2014 (New Weekly VIP Feature)

Russo Books Raw – September 22, 2014 My system in booking RAW is going to be as follows: Following every pay-per-view, I am going to lay out a general direction for not only the following night’s RAW, but where I would go leading up to the next pay-per-view. In this case – Hell in a Cell....

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FREE PREVIEW: Russo Books Raw – September 22, 2014

Disclaimer: The following is a new weekly feature for members of The Brand — the VIP section here on PyroandBallyhoo.com — and is a continuation of The #DearVince Project that Vince Russo started last week. We are offering the following excerpt as a free introduction to this new feature, but please note that the remainder […]



The producers of Arrow and The Flash have landed a third superhero television show.  CBS will be bringing us a Supergirl series from executive producer Greg Berlanti. As excited as I am to see Supergirl on the small screen once again, I understand how challenging the effort will be to make this series succeed.  Supergirl […]


Booking Brock Lesnar, Volume IV: Survivor Series

Once again, we have four weeks of television between Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series. As Survivor Series is one of the big four events, we will need someone noticeably strong for Brock to face. Week 1 RAW after the PPV: Brock Lesnar is absent from RAW (there’s no point having him on all […]


14 Batman Window Cameos

Came across this today and I had to share it with you! Absolutely TREMENDOUS!!! Have a GREAT Saturday!!!