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When The Swerve is released later tonight, you're going to find out why pyroandballyhoo.com might have a very short shelf life. The TRUTH? I"M GOING TO GIVE MYSELF A FREAKIN' HEART ATTACK! Why do I get so worked up during my podcast? Why? Going in I always tell myself to stay calm, cool and collected, but thirty minutes in--I'm POPPIN' all kinds of blood vessels!!! I've got to stop . . . seriously. Maybe with the … [Read More...]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sequel Announced for 2016

The reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appears to have paid off for Paramount in a big way. Holding its spot as the number one movie in the United States for two weeks despite a lukewarm reception from critics and disgruntled fans. This has led to Paramount Studios announcing a date for a sequel […]


Locked In The Room

About two years ago, I attended an all night showing of bad movies. It took place at the wonderful Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh and promised an 8 hour long marathon of movies bad enough to make your eyes bleed. The main reason I attended this event (apart from the Cameo’s very relaxed rules about bringing […]


The Swerve (Ep. 6) Featuring Matt Morgan!

Vince Russo is back this week with a huge edition of “The Swerve” podcast. First and foremost, thank you all for listening and please be sure to subscribe and rate/review “The Swerve” on iTunes and/or Stitcher! Tweet Vince a screenshot of your review and he’ll likely retweet you (and maybe even a ‘Follow’)! This week, […]


Matt Morgan Shoot Video Interview (Approx. 65 Mins)

Another week, another great video interview for “The Brand”. This interview with Matt Morgan was a blast and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did recording it. Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below and be sure to continue spreading the word about #TheBrand! Matt Morgan Shoot Interview from Vince...

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Television Writing – How to Make Us Watch

With hundreds of channels and thousands of programming options, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a television show to become a hit.  Many shows debut and disappear before we even know what they are.  How do the successful shows keep the fans tuned in?  Think about your favorite television shows – past and present.  What […]