To be different will always cause others to raise their brows—damn them all—be the rebel—even if only a silent one within your heart.

Thanks for always believing in us Vince—even after a year of no contact we value your friendship & the fact that you remain “real”.

Always Believe

Warrior and Dana

I have a real difficult time dealing with death; especially the death of those who were close to me at one time, or another in my life. I don’t know . . . I just can’t deal with it. Even though I have an unrelenting relationship with God, and I know that loved one is in a far better place, I just don’t know how to cope with it.

Throughout the years, small parts of my soul have broken off every time I lose someone I love. I become less, and less of the person I was prior. It never seems to go away. The years pass and it just stays with me. My only coping mechanism is to hide it in a drawer . . . don’t deal with it. When someone I love passes . . . I can’t even talk to their families going forward . . . it just hurts too much.

I considered the Warrior and Dana friends, even though it had been many years since I’d last seen them. I think that’s what “kindred spirits” really are. You may not see, or talk to someone for years—but, everyday they’re with you in your soul.

I think I first met Warrior in about 1995 when I was editor of the then “WWF Magazine”. It was Shane McMahon who introduced him to me. At that time, Warrior was just in and out for barely a cup of coffee, as he and Vince couldn’t come to an agreement on I think merchandising rights, so they decided to part ways at the time. It really wasn’t until about a year, or two later when I actually got to work with Warrior, as I was now working on TV, and he was in a program with Goldust.

I can vividly remember actively working with Warrior for the first time when I tried to take a stab at writing some of his promos. Even though I was much younger at the time, and hadn’t been in the business that long, I actually think that Warrior respected me for actually taking a shot at the impossible. Let’s face it—nobody could talk like the Warrior. Nobody was, or is, capable of stringing together sentences and paragraphs like he did. At times it almost seemed like he spoke a different language—one that very few could understand. In an effort to really attempt to get a feel for him, I would listen to every word that came out of his mouth. It was between the lines where I would find words of leadership, encouragement . . . and hope.


After a few months had passed, and Warrior perhaps felt a sense of trust in me, he would share with me some of his personal writings, that he wasn’t sure what to do with at the time. It was through those writings, that I witnessed the mind of a pure genius. Every word I read made me feel stronger, made me feel like there was very little that I couldn’t accomplish. His motivation was exhilarating; he just made me want to be the best I could be.

Looking back now, I could sense that aside from the love of his life, Dana, Warrior was a loner. He kept to himself, and those around him never really tried to get inside. Not to my witness, anyway. Were they jealous of him? Fearful of him? Intimidated? Or, did they quite not get it . . . or care to.

As we all moved on in life, over the years I lost contact with Warrior and Dana, but I never forgot the impact that they had on me. I think in the end it was nothing short of a Godsend that Hunter put so much time, and effort, in trying to bring Warrior back to the WWE, in an attempt to give him that shining moment that he so deserved.

Warrior went out, the way he was supposed to have gone out. It was as if “Someone” had scripted it—and did. After decades he was given the forum to speak words of life, hope and encouragement to perhaps his greatest audience of all time, including young kids who had never seen him before . . . but had only heard of the “Legend”.

I am going to Miss Warrior, I am going to miss him deeply, but there will always be a place for him in my heart . . . . That will rage on forever.

That opening paragraph was a message that Warrior had written to me on the opening page of Any Rand’s “Fountainhead”. A book he gave me as a gift that I will treasure forever.

Remember—“Be the rebel, Vince—-even if only a silent one within your heart”.

  • Nicholas Erickson

    The guy was just so ahead of his time, I have no idea what he was like backstage but it’s sad it couldn’t be worked out. I notice looking back as a kid when he was huge I didn’t get all the proms,it was just so unlike what I had seen for years. But even not knowing I still loved him, the guy was either 100 legit in his promos or the best actor I have EVER seen.

  • Chad Hogan

    Everyone will remember Warrior in such a good way, history has a weird way of working out when it’s not quite working out. His moments on RAW couldn’t have been better/worse timed. But he’s out there, somewhere…..

  • AwesomeAllstar

    He’s up there, loadin’ the rocket fuel into the big ship in the sky. #RIPwarrior

  • Revan646

    Ayn Rand?? Lol, that cunt was a fraud.

  • David

    Warrior was my fav. Good to hear him say good things about you Vince. I’ve admired you for your faith. When you got saved I got saved right before… So it was Awsome to see, read all the books and contribute shortly to ROG. I moved passed wresting after that but own every DVD of the old days lol, stay focused!

    In His Grip,