Weekly Highlight and Lowlight from “Raw”



Thought the show ended with some solid heat on Bray Wyatt. Wyatt, a throwback heel from the good ol’ days, is an absolutely tremendous talent and “character” that no doubt learned a whole bunch from his daddy growing up. Just a natural-born performer who makes you believe “everything” that he is involved in, even in today’s agre of “hard to believe anything is real” professional wrestling. That–-right there–-should tell you everything you need to know about him. As “Raw” went off the air, B-Wy was throwing around “Sister Abigails“, much like the vendor at Dodger Stadium flings bags of peanuts to the crowd. “HEY, NOW–-STEP UP AND GET YOUR OWN SISTER ABIGAIL!!!. Only $9.95 A BAG!”

imagesX6DR0WXPAs the heat was building towards the end of “Raw”, I was almost certain that the writing team was going to script a Cena comeback–-but, much to my surprise and favor–-they didn’t. Job well done! When all is said and done with B-Wy, I predict that this dude is going to be an all-time TOP FIVE baby face AND heel in the history of the WWE.



2b61c3fd7b1c36ee3e14346dd5208d50_crop_northGoing in, I honestly didn’t know that much about Adam Rose and his “Rosebuds”, so I had to do some quick research. In doing my due diligence, I discovered that Rose spent time perfecting his act in NXT, before he brought it up to the “Big Leagues” of the WWE. From what I gather, or at least as “Wikipedia” states, Rose’s recently returned to WWE TV as a “new character being an organizer of parties with various colorful costumed party-goers, who accompany him during his ring entrance”. Now maybe I’m wrong, but the only “organized parties” I know of where people dress like a bomb has been dropped in the middle of Halloween is called a “rave”. Now, if you do you’re “rave ” homework, you might discover that these types of “gatherings” may not be TV-PG friendly. But yeah, that could be nit-picky on my part, and the truth is that’s not what really bothered me here.

daniel-bryan-wwe-31448336-500-600Now, I totally get and understand that the WWE is currently in “fan participation” mode. Due to the success of Danial Bryan’s, “Yes, Yes, Yes, the WWE creative cowboys are taking every opportunity to capitalize on this with other talents. Bray Wyatt is now singing, which is fine because this guy could get singing “Hot for Teacher” in the middle of Sunday morning mass over, and now, Adams and his “rosebuds” are flanked by a little ditty as they enter the building–-that is catchy, and easy for the folks to join in. I get it—-I get it all.

But, here is where it broke down for me: with the  dozen plus colorful characters by Rose’s side–-I couldn’t take my eyes off of the “Easter Bunny”. I don’t know, he was just mesmerizing to me. Maybe it’s a TRIX fetish from back in the day–-who knows what goes through my twisted mind any more. And,  in this case, “Hippity-Hoppity” was really pushing the envelope with Jack Swagger–-almost getting into his face–-until Swagger finally got HOT! Then the Easter Bunny started to beg off a bit.


trixThat’s where it broke down for me. Now, understand, that I’m from a certain era called the “ATTITUDE ERA”. And during the “ATTITUDE ERA”, yeah–-we did things like this. We even brought in Santa Claus so AUSTIN COULD DROP HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH A STUNNER!!! Which is my point–-you want to get heat on Swagger? Than LET HIM DROP THE SILLY RABBIT!!! That’s heat—”ATTITUDE” heat. OR–-are we not allowed to do that because we’re “family friendly” now? I don’t know–-not there–-don’t know the rules.

But, regardless, “Wrestling 101″ should always be grandfathered in–-if somebody is going to dress in a rabbit suit–-then they must be DROPPED!!!

As always–-just my opinion.



  • The French Angel

    Good stuff. In an ode to Vince Russo, Adam Rose is in a match for the Intercontinental title versus Bad News Barrett, as Rose is on the verge of pinning Barrett, the rabbit comes into the ring and hits rose over the head with a foreign object.

    The referee, having no clue what just happened, sees Rose laying there motionless. Barrett goes for the pin and retains his title.

    • Vince Russo

      I LOVE THAT!!! Now, that’s some booking!!!

    • Will1225

      That would be some serious BAD NEWS for Mr. Rose.

  • Congslop

    Started watching the show from that point. Was a sad pathetic segment in a sad pathetic show. Not sure why everyone loves the Wyatts so much. I’m embarrassed to watch that show anymore when other people are around. I don’t want my wife seeing THAT and thinking that this is what I’m a fan of when I say that I’m a fan of pro wrestling. Theres no more emotion, just ridiculous segments with no point.

  • Brandon Root

    You’re looking at today’s WWE product with some preconceived notions. The overly “TV-PG” stuff’s been slowly chipping away since the night CM Punk said things like “Glad-handing, nonsensical, douchebag yes-men like John Laurinaitis” and “Maybe this company will be better after Vince McMahon’s dead” back in 2011. It’s one of the reasons John Cena’s boy scout image sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Since TNA’s Prichard regime, I’ve been way more into “Raw” than “Impact”. So I’d love to see you do more of these.

    • Vince Russo

      Thanks, Brandon—and I will!

  • sharvey62

    Bro, I gotta be honest with you. The product is in the freakin’ dark ages.

  • Bozo Sapien

    Leave it to Vince Russo to complain because the Easter Bunny didn’t see any ring action. lol

    • Joseph Collins

      lol He’s right though! The Bunny is one of the most over people with Adam Rose besides singing his theme music. DROP HIS ASS and get someone HEEL HEAT. Maybe it’s because only SHEAMUS can bully heels but Heels can’t bully faces. BA STAR lol.

  • russomaniac316

    Wrestling is long dead, but I keep watching out of habit. TNA is decent at the moment, but it still lacks that all out “chaotic” feeling of a Russo/Ferarra show. WWE on the other hand seems to be past the point of no return.. held hostage by advertisers, they can’t do anything but put out the blandest product imaginable. Wrestling hasn’t been this bad since 94/95

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    Agree they had Swagger have all 30 or so of the “partiers” in a corner yet he didn’t slap or punch any of them and some are indy wrestlers so yeah it makes no sense not to attack him and give him some heat, just like Rose got a pop when he finally fought back against Swagger.

  • Jordan

    “Are you Santa Clause or are you just a fat piece of trash?” Classic segment bro haha. Another good one was Austin stunning Goldust when he came out of a porta-potty.

  • John Jankowski

    Amen Vince! The bunny should have been beat down & Swagger should have said, “Silly rabbit, Trix are for Real Americans” hahaha

  • the Big Montbowski

    Ugh. Despite what they say, they could sure use an ideas man like yourself, Sir. Pat Patterson and crew have no clue.

    Putting Eve over a local upcoming hero and underdog champ, Paige was a joke. Almost as bad as hiding putting Barrett over as a face after the show. It just reeks of poor ideas in the booking.

  • Jason

    If it wasn’t for Wyatt and The Shield,I’d have no reason to watch Raw.
    Too bad Wyatt will be fed to SuperCena.

  • AwesomeAllstar

    I too agree that J-Swags should have hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on the bunny. As it is now, it’s more of a Zeb Colter vs Adam Rose feud (we’re not gonna get Zeb in the ring so there’s not really a payoff here because it’s like J-Swags is “just along for the ride”).

  • Jim Sirigos

    I don’t like Adam Rose at all, the bunny is hilarious. The best part about Adam Rose’s debut, was when Zeb started dancing. Oh and whoever came up with the idea of the bunny turining on Rose, good stuff but who is under the bunny mask?

    • AwesomeAllstar

      I’m tellin’ you, in two months time A-Rose will be doing dance-off segs with R-Truth in forgettable land. All we have to do is get through this initial new character surge.

    • JL Kyle


  • BluMeany

    I think the Bunny is a slow burn. I fully expect either the Bunny to get it at some point or for the Bunny to attack Rose and have it be revealed that it’s Swagger, or some other heel.

  • Joey Hudson

    “Attitude” heat??? Ugh. Move on dude. It’s not 1994 anymore. Anyone still clamoring for the Attitude Era is a fucking dolt. Half a Mountain Dew Code Red, listen to some Bizkit and watch Entourage. You more quotation marks and capital letters next time, that’d be “SO COOL”!

    • Joseph Collins

      lol He’s not saying it needs more “ATTITUDE” he’s just saying give Swagger some heat and have him drop the bunny!

    • Matt Hoover

      Try proof reading next time I could barely make out what your saying