I can remember sitting at Vince’s dining room table, at the very dawn of the Attitude Era as we laid out the initial groundwork.

explosion-2“Let’s just blow it up, ” I said to Vince. “If the audience thinks we’re going one way–then let’s take them another.”

The idea was to keep the audience off-balance, take the predictability of the product that they had become accustomed to over the years and smack them across the face with the unexpected. Always keep them guessing. If you do this—and, you do it right—you are creating both a sense of urgency and MUST SEE TV. The audience CAN NOT and WILL NOT miss an episode of Monday Night Raw in fear of missing—SOMETHING.

sethThe WWE has gotten so far away from that concept in 2014, that I honestly don’t even know if they could understand it  if it were pitched to them today. Every week—same old, same old. Aside from the turning Of Seth Rollins, which by no means “shook up the wrestling world”, a fan of professional wrestling who has been watching for only a year, would probably be able to tell you the outcome to every match, storyline and angle at a 90% rate. And, with that being the case—-THEN WHY WATCH? If I know the outcome of a baseball game, am I really going to watch it on DVR? The only difference is that the game has already taken place. With the WWE—you pretty well know the finish before the first pitch is even thrown.

Man, as I was being bored to tears this passed Monday, my mind just began to wander as John Cena cut an excellent promo to set up his match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. While Cena was stating that he would do ANYTHING NECESSARY to defeat the beast, Lesnar, I started to think about the possibilities if John was indeed—telling the truth. If anything and everything were fair play in the WWE, and creative wasn’t sitting at their desks in a uniformed line inside a cardboard box—what could the possibilities actually be?

john-cena-robschambergerThen my mind went a bit further. Cena has been getting frustrated with the response of the crowd for a VERY long time now. The WWE has kept Cena a babyface, despite the fact of that run being over for years. Why? I have no idea—I don’t work there. Merch sales too valuable to give up? Maybe? But, regardless, they are at a point now where they are actually hurting Cena’s career and not advancing it. It’s starting to get that NWO feel, where Eric Bischoff marched them out every Monday night until they meant absolutely nothing. Let’s say, for argument’s sake–but, also as part of the storyline—that Cena has been making his frustrations known to the WWE brass. For the past year, he has been telling them that NOW is the time to turn him heel—only to be fallen on deaf ears.

heymanIn the meantime you’ve got Paul Heyman representing BROCK LES-NAR. At this point, there is really no heat on Heyman–in my opinion—being that he just goes out there every week and cuts the same promo on what a “physical specimen” Brock Lesnar is, and how he’s going to dismember every opponent he faces. When you think about it—do we really need to waste Paul Heyman’s skills on just stating the obvious? Wouldn’t we pretty much get the same effect if Lesnar went out there and did what Heyman says he’s going to do, without saying a word—or, having anyone else speak for him? Just be a killing machine—go out there and destroy people. My point is—maybe–storyline wise, there is a bit of frustration on Heyman’s part as well–feeling that he may be being under utilized.

What if prior to SummerSlam there was a clandestine meeting between Cena and Heyman in the back of a coffee shop somewhere in Brooklyn. What if both filed their company grievances with each other, concerning  their mounting frustrations towards their employer the WWE. remember—this is all STORY NOW.

WHAT IF: We went to SummerSlam and Cena/Lesnar were having the Hart/Austin match from years ago, that slowly flipped the other–Bret heel–Austin babyface. You’d have to get Patterson to lay this out, because nobody else alive could deliver to the degree that he would. Any way, as the match progresses—both men are pretty much out on their feet, but one can’t put the other away. False finish, after false finish, they are exhausting each other.

WHAT IF: Seth Rollins comes down with his briefcase. With both men now working on adrenaline alone, Rollins, with his briefcase, appears as if he’s going to cash it in as soon as a new Champion is crowned.

WHAT IF: In an effort to pull out all the stops, with everything he has left, Lesnar goes for that one big finish, accidentally catching the referee, who takes a hellacious bump and is out. The match now continues with no referee. At this point, Cena’s heel tactics kick in. NOW he is determined to win this match just as he had stated a week prior—BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Unfortunately, he still can’t put the Beast away.

WHAT IF: With both men selling on opposite sides of the ring, Heyman helps pull Lesnar up in his corner. As Lesnar gets to his feet, and turns back towards Cena, Rollins throws Heyman his briefcase, and Heyman clocks Lesnar senseless with it upside the head. Lesnar goes down—Cena covers–ref comes to–Cena over 1-2-3. Long stare down with Cena/Heyman—big embrace–Cena puts Rollins over for being an intricate part of the plan—we are off to the races.


The next day the two cut a promo. Cena cuts a Helluva promo telling the WWE “Universe”, “You wanted to boo me—NOW YOU CAN BOO ME! At SummerSlam—I MADE IT OFFICIAL!” Heyman then brings it home with the promo of his career, stating that he’s more than a carnival baker for the strong man at the circus. What brought him to the dance in the first place was his mind, and the ability to be one step ahead of everybody else—including Vince McMahon himself. Heyman speaks of his complacent days as a company “schill” being over. It is now time for him to remind the fans—of the genius he actually is. He then goes on to belittle his “former” client BROCK-LES-NAR, who then proceeds to hit the ring and tear apart everything in his site, with the exception of Cena and Heyman who barely escaped with their lives.

Honestly, all that came off the top of my head as I was writing it. There really wasn’t that much thought put into it at all—I just went with the flow. My point–what if that were the flow of the WWE creative meeting this week–a week before SummerSlam–where ALL the possibilities were just laid out there with the freedom of ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN in professional wrestling. We write it, there is no right, or wrong, just the freedom to create—opposed to Cena over, Lesnar over, what’s the finish? That’s the beauty of being a writer in the wrestling business. You make one “unscheduled” turn, and now you have a completely different set of circumstances. THAT, ladies and gentlemen is how you keep the product FRESH and EXCITING.

Think about it. What show is going to draw you the larger audience the next day? The traditional finish—or, this one? Then, once you’ve got them there, all you have to do now is step up your game to keep them there.


  • Shaun Couper


    • Travis A. Bain

      Really??? Thats ALL you have to say after reading this?? THAT’S your thought after reading??

      • Shaun Couper

        My thoughts on this don’t matter because it’s not going to happen, whether I like it or not.

    • keith

      My thoughts exactly

  • Ryan Patrick

    Genius. And the sad part is, all that’s needed to birth that “genius creative” is to think outside-the-box and go in the opposite direction of what we all think. This idea takes balls. But In the 2014 world of WWE corporate complaceny, sadly, their lack of spauldings prevent anything like this from happening.

    • Homercles

      But it’s only $9.99 a month.

  • battle box

    I am watching this shit, hands down.

  • DerangedHermit

    This sounds more like WM17 than WM13. It would still own.

  • Burt Price

    Would the fans really cheer for Brock, especially after breaking Undertaker’s streak?

    • Travis A. Bain

      why wouldn’t they? It’s all in how they are presented. In the scenario Vinnie Ru laid out, the PRIMARY focus is to get Cena heel. Think back to Hogan’s turn. Fans would be so outraged they would get behind anyone who could take him down: enter Brock.

  • VS

    This would be awesome. This is what Austin tried to pull off in 2001, but didn’t realize how much the fans didn’t want to see it. Now is the perfect time to pull off something like this.

    • TrueAllstarTNA

      Yup. The only reason why Steve’s turn didn’t work is because the crowd wouldn’t accept it. That would not be the case at all with John.

  • TinyI

    I could actually see them using this idea from you now Vince. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did!

  • Paul

    What with the Heyman DVD selling out everywhere, there’s no better time for Cena to become a Paul Heyman guy. The state of the heels in WWE is pretty grim. Brock Lesnar is part time, Randy Orton has peaked and Seth Rollins isn’t ready for the main event. The picture is appropriate because it’s time that WWE go for the nuclear option.

  • John Keane

    Would be amazing, but Vince WON’T turn John Cena heel. All there is to it.

  • White Thunder

    Great stuff!

  • ShitLips

    “There really wasn’t that much thought put into it at all”
    I agree. The problem with not putting much thought into it at all shows. What is the reason? How does this keep Paul Heyman “one step ahead”? Ahead of what exactly? What reason does Heyman have for dropping a long-time friend/client with a proven track record for Cena? What exactly is the payoff other than a big momentary swerve? If this happened as you wrote, it would take a lot of creative writing for it to fit and make sense.

    I have to disrespectfully disagree with your fanfic. Good read on its own, but swervey for swerve’s sake.

    • Burt Price

      It’s not really any different from Heyman turning on Punk. How did that make sense?

      • ShitLips

        It is different. The turn on CM Punk was no swerve. It was a slower burn with foreshadowing. Jericho came back and feuded with Punk. Do you recall Payback 2013 Best in the World vs Best at What I Do? It was last year in June. At that point Heyman got involved in the match and nearly cost Punk the match. Punk told Heyman that he didn’t want him at ringside and Heyman was insulted. The tease of them splitting took them to MITB 2013 in July where Heyman sent Lesnar to hit Punk with a ladder.

        There was over a month of a foreshadowing and innuendos and situations that logically led to a big payoff setting up SummerSlam 2013 in August with some great promos leading up to it.

        Forgive me if you just started watching WWE recently, but seriously dude, this was literally last year.

        • Mark M

          Lesnar didn’t hit Punk with a ladder at MITB, Heyman did.

          • ShitLips

            Ya got me there. Please disregard everything I said.

        • antpooh

          Exactly, they had a logical story progression and even when Paul came out people thought he might help but weren’t that surprised when he attacked Punk. It made sense and built up the program. Not his B.S. of we’ll turn Heyman and Cena on Lesnar and think of a reason later.

        • Homercles

          Payback 2013 for only $9.99 a month!

  • Shane Shoemaker

    Imagine the Heyman promo: “What I do is shake up universes. I upset established order. Look what I did with ECW; I changed the industry all together. At WrestleMania I used Brock Lesnar to defeat the greatest undefeated streak in the history of sports-entertainment. And now – I made a stale hero with a false smile, into a fresh enemy with an evil grin.”

    • Homercles

      And only $9.99 a month.


    This was an exciting read and I hope whichever boring fuck makes the decisions in WWE Creative reads it

  • skyman101

    I’d love for Cena to turn heel, but why would him beating Lesnar with the help of Heyman mean he turns his back on the fans? Or would he still do what he does, but with Heyman on his side?

    What I would have done is have Ambrose beat Rollins for the MITB, Cena beats Lesnar in a controversial manner, foot on the rope etc. Lesnar destroys Cena after the match, Ambrose comes out to cash in, they battle for a while, until Ambrose hits his finisher. Before the ref can count, he gets pulled out by Rollins/Kane.. Triple H tells them to continue attacking Ambrose, when suddenly the lights go out and back on and Sting’s in the ring. He takes out Rollins/Kane, Ambrose hits his finisher on Cena again, ref crawls back in and Ambrose gets the 3 count. Ambrose celebrates as Sting stares down Triple H who is outside the ring to end the show.

    Next night it is revealed the board of directors have appointed Sting as the new commissioner because the authority were abusing their powers etc. The authority would convince Bray Wyatt to be on their side, Reigns would be on Sting’s side. Later down the line, Bray would turn face and Reigns would go heel, since he needs to develop a character and heels get more freedom.

    • 3D

      The absolute best way for Cena to turn heel is for him to just keep doing what he is doing. He’s already hated by most of the audience.

      The ONLY thing to do differently, is to book him against baby-faces instead of heels.

  • Dick Togo

    YES! This idea right here shows why the booking style of Vince Russo will always and forever be more exciting than the drab on today!

  • Slick JMista

    What you said sounds just like an episode from the ‘Attitude Era’. It’s so sad how the product has been watered down over the years.

  • WrestlingHub

    John Cena WANTING to turn heel is like him asking to turn down millions of dollars, and asking WWE to turn their biggest money maker to the dark side, it will NOT happen until Reigns is ready to take over as #1.

    • Travis A. Bain

      Well look who has insider information on when it will and will not happen, lol.

      I think you are missing one VERY important thing when mentioning Cena turning down millions of dollars. IF Cena were to turn heel and it was a success, it would bring in more viewers, more people buying merchandise, more network signups, more ticket sales. THAT leads to MORE MONEY.

      For instance, I don’t think Hulk Hogan was turning down millions when he turned heel in WCW…

  • Simon Garner

    Great idea. I’d however like to see it done with a bit more build up. Some dissension from Lesnar towards Heyman for a few weeks just to give Heyman a reason that is played out in front of the audience. Yes, the audience may see Heyman turning on Lesnar coming, but they still wouldn’t see the Cena turn coming. Just make sure that one of the announcers isn’t produced to say ‘who’s side is Cena on’. :-)

    • antpooh

      Dude, you’re talking Vince Russo, you don’t get tease of dissension with his writing.

  • Wrestling Cartoonist

    1. I got all excited reading this.
    2. I knew I wasn’t the only one who found the predictability of recent shows annoying. RAW ends, some people say “It was a good show because it had good matches”, and I’m sitting there, bored because the stories/outcomes were all predictable. That’s what made WM good, in my opinion. Cena wasn’t on top, so there’s no golden boy to protect and you are left wondering whether they’d push Bryan or not. Taker/Lesnar was exciting in the buildup because you knew it would be physical. The match sucked and looked uncoordinated, but the ending compensated for that.

    HOWEVER, going back to Russo’s point, the only problem I would see with this is that Lesnar can’t stand by himself on the mic. Now, he didn’t have to in 2003 after Heyman betrayed him the first time. But still, the general consensus is that a big babyface is needed that can replace John Cena… Why?

    Because that’s the product model. Top guy above all the rest. In the Attitude Era (which is not perfect, I know that) , it was the building of multiple stars, Austin, Rock, Mankind. Austin was the man, but they all looked like gold during that fall of 98-start of 99 run. By 2000, we had a Hell in a Cell match where 4 out of the participants could have believably won the title and you didn’t know who it was going to be. After 2005, you would have Elimination Chamber matches with Cena and then the other 5 slots filled by guys like Carlito, Masters, Kane, etc. Or matches for which you’d know the outcome (e.g. Shawn Michaels interferes costing Taker the title to setup their WrestleMania match in 2009 or 2010)…

    • Homercles

      And you can see all those matches for only $9.99 a month!

  • TrueAllstarTNA

    Vince Russo…once again knocks it out of the park. #RussoRevolutionizesRasslin

  • Porst

    Nah. Cena’s been built up so much that Lesnar winning the belt right now would be a smart move, and I think they know it. Network numbers have caused them to get desperate, so they’re starting to do risky stuff again. But not that risky. They know what their cash cow is. All Cena has to do is not be champ for a while and haters will be okay with it.

  • Dr0wn3d

    I’m really gonna believe Lesnar gets KOed from a Heyman briefcase shot? LOL!

  • russotheloser

    Your ideas suck. Way to kill another company bro. You’re the Ebola virus that has infected wrestling.

  • BeerMoney

    So how much do wrestlers make off of merch anyway? Serious question, yet somewhat rhetorical. I understand there’s a huge markup and it’s pure profit, but do you really see any John Cena shirts in public? On the other hand, 15 years ago, I saw TONS of nWo and Austin 3:16 shirts worn in public.

    But here’s the kicker- BOTH brands were started during HEEL runs. So that talk about Cena giving up Merchandise revenue only goes so far.

    • Mark M

      NWO/Austin 3:16 were aimed at a different demographic that Cena is so a heel turn would have an adverse effect on Cena’s merchandise sales. That said a heel Cena may encourage older male fans to tune into his character as opposed to the character he plays now.

      • antpooh

        Dude no fair, you can’t bring logic and facts into the discussion.

      • BeerMoney

        That’s kind of my point. But good comment about the target audiences. Point still stands. I see no kids wearing Cena merch either. Again,that’s why 18-34 is the TARGET demo. They actually buy more stuff.

  • Thommohawk

    See this is the part I don’t understand, for any half way creative person this piece is child’s play, as Vince said it doesn’t take much. So why does the WWE seem to have such a dislike or inability to go in different directions.

    It’s like they want to make the most money with as little effort as possible. Either that or the entire system is beyond broken and Vince McMahon doesn’t have it in him any more to make sweeping changes that change the face of professional wrestling. He wants it to be family friendly ‘entertainment’ and as long as he gets TEH DOLLA’ and none of the aggravation of the mass media vultures he’s happy.

  • Stuart Brodie

    Agree the writers should have more freedom. But, you would be shocked to think Vince Russo actually worked in the wrestling industry with his lack of long term thinking. The fact he writes there wasn’t much thought put into this idea isn’t surprising, because that was Russo’s booking motto. WCW – when he was in charge was full of this twist and turns, so was TNA. Do you know what the bottom line of this is? Confusing and an un-enjoyable viewer experience as they are unable to follow the simple week to week storyline. Sure have twists, yes there should be more randomness to WWE booking. But, as the same time keeping it simple with a correct placed turn really does make the difference.
    Also, the idea of splitting Hayman and Lesnar is ludicrous, they’re the best manger/wrestler combo ever.

  • Ian

    Sounds good but what about after… Lesnar cant cut a promo on his own. And as for Cena who does he go on to fued with after Lesnar? Roman Reigns then who? not enough top level faces in the company to feed Cena after a heel turn.

    • C BREEZY

      The point he’s making is that they need to think outside the box and do something EXCITING and DIFFERENT… not necessarily the scenario he’s booked here

      • Ian

        You must of missed the part at the start where
        I said “sounds good”. I am making the point that It’s no good having EXCITING and DIFFERENT if there
        isn’t an plan moving forward.

        • C BREEZY

          Must of? It’s must have*. And no, I didn’t miss that part, you’ve misinterpreted because you think I’m having a go at you (I’m not).
          Anyway, have a nice weekend.

          • Ian

            I didn’t think you were having a go I was just pointing out that I had agreed with the idea and that it was just that further planning was needed thereafter. Have a good weekend too. :-)

          • C BREEZY

            You did, because you went on the defensive. Anyway, cheerio old boy!

          • Ian

            Haha ok little man whatever.

          • C BREEZY

            Feeling a little passive aggressive are we? ;) Chin up old boy

          • Ian


      • antpooh

        See that’s the problem. Exciting and Different doesn’t always lead to great matches and shows nor PPV buys or ticket sells which is the true point of pro wrestling. His way of booking has taken away the meaning of pro wrestling, he’s obsessed with rating and a “good” (laughable coming from him) story but if they’re not making money (see WCW and TNA under his tenure) what does it mean long term.

        New Japan has none of the exciting and different storyline he speaks of and booked three weeks of shows more compelling than anything he’s written since the Attitude Era.

    • Ian

      You must of missed the part at the start where
      I said “sounds good”. I am making the point that It’s no good having EXCITING and DIFFERENT if there
      isn’t an plan moving forward.

    • antpooh

      Ugh, far be it for me to correct someone who telling Vince Russo his plan is shit…but Brock Lesnar can cut a promo on his own and do a great job of it .

      • Ian

        You obviously didn’t read my response. I never mentioned anything negative about vince’s idea. As for Brock go back and watch any of Brock’s recent mic work since returning. He stutters all over the place. Perhaps he may sharpen up if he gets back to doing more of his own talking.

  • Stevie Abzz

    I’ve been a mark since 1996, WCW, WWF and ECW, so I’ve seen it all. The WWE product today is garbage, a year ago at this time it was amazing. There were people I wanted to get behind (Dbry, Bray, Punk, Sandow, Cesaro) now through injuries and terrible booking there is no one I actually like, want to cheer or root for. I even got a 26 year old male, who’s never watched into it. He loved Bo! He even bought a $150 ticket to extreme rules. Now they buried Bo and the Wyatts and Dbry is gone and he hasn’t watched in like a month. Network subscription? Please, fuck that, I just use my friends’s. Good job WWE, you know how to make people not want to watch your shit.

    As far as your fantasy booking goes, it’s crap. Rollins has the briefcase still, Cena is champ and the two are allies, please tell me how you plan to book your way out of that.

    • Stevie Abzz

      Or does Cena just lay down for Rollins and gives him the title, cause then you did just book complete crap.

      • NegativeFeedback

        Rollins’ briefcase is insurance for Heyman. If Cena ever loses the title, Seth will bring it back to Heyman’s camp. When Cena does the job to Roman at WrestleMania, Seth will cash in soon after to keep Roman chasing the title.

  • antpooh

    A ref bump, a swerve anda turn in a main event title match, sheesh, you really haven’t grown as a “writer” have you, telling the same story 20 years later?

    Also, you’re story has two flaws. I can get why Rollins would make sure Lesnar loses as the perception is he’s a beast to wrestler and a Cena match would be an easier task, HOWEVER why the hell would the Money in the Bank winner align himself with the WWE champion?!??! Isn’t Rollins goal to be champion? If he has a guaranteed shot at the World title at anytime and only twice in the last 9 years of the MitB someone has failed to cash it in and win the title, why would he put himself in a position where he’s aligned with the champion and in theory won’t cash in? Lastly, why is heyman referencing Vince McMahon, someone who is a non-factor on television for well over, when TV establishes that Stephanie and HHH are running the day-to-day WWE tv world?

    “Honestly, all that came off the top of my head as I was writing it. There really wasn’t that much thought put into it at all—I just went with the flow”

    That was the only thing you said that made sense, clearly there was no further thought into this!

    • Marvin Lee

      Maybe Rollins would be paid a bunch of $$$ to do it? Or if he did it HHH would guarantee Rollins a title shot? Plus while Step and H are running the TV world who has the final say? Who is allowing them to go about their business?

      • antpooh

        So HHH, who brought Brock Lesnar in to get the WWE title from Cena, guarantees Rollins a title shot if he makes sure Cena retains the title?

  • Tim West

    What makes this so great isn’t the story, or who came up with it, but the fact logic was involved. It’s simple, and it’s effective. Not a huge fan of yours Vince, but this works because of it’s simplicity. I would love to see this, as you’ve written it out to happen.

  • KevinLockard


    Why anyone would want to see this is beyond me. Typical Russo, a swerve for the sake of a swerve with little or no internal logic.

    • Marvin Lee

      Why would anyone want to see the same old stale “PG” crap? It would actually make some sense if you paid attention to Raw on Monday.

    • White Thunder

      The logic is that Cena has been over due for a heel turn for like 8 years.

      • KevinLockard

        Turning on another heel (even is Lesnar gets cheers from the audience) is not the greatest way to go heel imo.

        If Bryan were healthy and defending the championship against Cena in a rematch from last year’s Summerslam and turned heel by joining The Authority, I could maybe get behind it, Bryan being their hottest commodity and all. But Brock Lesnar having Heyman abandon him and going full-fledged face is about the last thing I’d want to see out of this rivalry.

  • Edwin Myer

    if John Cena Turned Heel join Paul Heyman Guy then everyone will cheer 4 him more
    so he can stop complaining to the crowd booing him

    • NegativeFeedback

      People cheered the nWo too. That’s what made it great.

  • Mathaes Loogmanheimer

    It’s strange that Wrestling has turned into this. A proper name for this type of behavior would be “the path of least resistance”. They never want to do anything, they want to keep doing the same thing.

  • Paul

    What I would do, is I would then take the breifcase, then put it on a pole. And on the other pole? I’d put a CHICKEN NECK!

    That’s right, a Chicken Neck and a Briefcase on a Pole match! Have them go at it, the winner gets to be the NEW World Champ! Then, after they beat the tar out of themselves, Lesnar comes in, wrecks Cena! Rollins looks to go grab the briefcase, he looks at the crowd, then he goes for the Chicken Neck!!

    He climbs up, then pulls that sucker down. Cena seems to be stumbling to his feet, Rollins looks to whack Cena with the Chicken Neck (and put an end to Cena’s reign of terror), but no! Rollins makes out with the Chicken Neck!! They happen to be long-lost lovers, Rollins walks up the ramp and away, as Cena and Heyman look on in confusion.

    Cena then grabs the briefcase, opens it up, but he doesn’t see the title, NO, he pulls out ANOTHER Chicken Neck. This gives Heyman time to grab the title, and whack Cena in the back of the head! Heyman walks out the NEW World Champion in the best Wrestlemania EVER!

    Hope that turned out well VinnieRu? And thanks, again, for joining the newLegacy guys on their stream, that was some funny shit!

  • The Land of 10,000 Dead Bodies

    i think you should be writing the books because who ever is , is terrible at their job, BAD.

  • Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

    Too bad the WWE has it’s head up it’s @ss to do it.When the WWF turned Austin heel they had Rock,Jericho,Taker,Kane,Hardy’s to fill the face role.The WWE does not have enough over faces to pull off a Cena heel turn.They refuse to push Kofi,Ziggler beyond IC/Us title pictures and Kofi is 2nd to Cena in merchandise.

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    Ugh why couldn’t this have happened?